“PolinArts” at Dragon Forum

It’s been a long time since my last post, but things were very hectic on this side (the pros and cons of doing films  part-time). The whole of the last month was committed to finding a producer, who could support the project during the Dragon Forum and after.  Difficulties in finding the right person were expected, especially with such a niche project like ‘PolinArts…’ . And believe me, difficult it was.

After numerous emails sent to production companies- only 2 got back, kindly declining the offer. Then, still hopeful, I approached individual producers who work on a freelance basis. I had more luck there in terms of finding people interested in the subject of the film; unfortunately, none of them was available to attend the Dragon Forum. Finally, with the workshop dates approaching and stress level reaching top levels- I contacted a Polish producer,  with whom I am preparing my next short film. Turned out Marcin was very keen in joining the project and immediately suggested industry people who we should get in touch with.  Unfortunately, Marcin was unable to join me during the Dragon Forum. However,  my very good friend, Krzysztof Broda-Zurawski, agreed to support me during the workshops.


Krzysztof and Mally preparing for the pitching at Dragon Forum, Krakow


Krakow Film Festival- banners at the entrance to the festival centre


Before the screening of the “London- the Modern Babilon” by Julian Temple- screened as part of the Focus on UK section


Another identity crisis ;)


The first day of the workshops- thrown at the deep end and asked to pitch in front of the whole group- here an Italian friend with his project “Florence, the Consul and me”


A screenshort of the presentation given by Nicola Lees from TVmole.com on how to prepare for the pitch


Panel of British representatives explaining documentaries opportunities in UK

Krzysztof and Mally- resting in between individual consultations in the festival cafe

Krzysztof and Mally- resting in between individual consultations in the festival cafe